Give Your Grass Some Breathing Room

Give Your Grass Some Breathing Room

Learn about lawn aeration services in New Castle, DE

Want to give your grass a natural nutrient boost? Annual lawn aeration loosens compact soil, giving grass roots easy access to nutrients. Gallucio's Lawn Care provides regular lawn aeration in New Castle, DE and the surrounding area. If your yard's soil feels like clay, or if your lawn is turning brown, ask if it's the right time to aerate.

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3 steps to proper grass seeding

Reseeding your lawn doesn't have to be a headache. Just leave the job to the pros. To ensure successful grass seeding, Gallucio's Lawn Care will...

  1. Aerate the ground: This makes seeding easier and invites nutrients into the soil.
  2. Sow the seeds: Trust us to sow the right type of seed at the ideal time of year.
  3. Watch the grass grow: Germination can take anywhere from seven days to one month.

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